BTC EmbeddedPlatform

One platform - many possibilities.

BTC EmbeddedPlatform Concept

BTC EmbeddedPlatform is a technology platform which provides you a powerful basis for combination use of the advanced testing technologies.


In modern development projects, different test methods need to be combined to ensure a sufficient level of quality. This is e.g. also reflected in the ISO26262 standard that recommends methods like Requirements-based Testing, Back-to-Back Testing or Formal Verification. While all methods have a different approach, they also have much in common. For all test methods, it is necessary to know the interface of the system-under-test, to be able to simulate and debug, or to generate reports. It may also be useful to share information and artifacts between the use cases, such as reusing functional test cases for a Back-to-Back Test.

One Platform for all use cases

BTC Embedded addresses different processes and methods used for the verification of Platform reactive embedded systems modeled with Simulink / TargetLink and/or C-code.The addressed use-case span over several stages of a V-model based development and testing cycle.