Addon -RTT-Observer Generator

RTT-Observer enables enhancement of VEOS and HIL Test by real time Formal Test 

RTT-Observer is a technology which has been developed by BTC Embedded Systems and dSPACE. It consists of two main products – the BTC EmbeddedPlatform as well as the dSPACE Real Time Testing (RTT) Observer Library. It can be used to execute so-called Requirement Observers (Real Time Testing Observer) on dSPACE simulation platforms. These “watchdogs” can be created in a step-by-step approach using Simplified Universal Pattern to transform natural language requirements into a machine-readable formal representation. Afterwards you can use them to constantly validate the status of each requirement in real time, e.g. during a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation.

Due to the parallel execution of the requirement observers and the HIL system, the test effort remains mostly unchanged whereas the test depth dramatically increases based on the continuous validation of all tests against all requirements. Moreover, the high degree of integration into dSPACE products like ControlDesk Next Generation and AutomationDesk enables a comfortable and efficient way of using requirement observers in different projects.