Before deciding to introduce a new tool or methodology into a development process, it is very important to find out if the desired gain in efficiency and quality can really be achieved and if the new tool is able to be integrated into existing workflows.

With our international team of pilot engineers, we are ready to help you with this process by providing you the following services:

Tool demonstrations

A typical starting point for us is a live tool demonstration during an on-site meeting or a web meeting. Within such a meeting, we are already able to adapt the demo to focus on the features and use cases which are relevant for you and to start a discussion regarding you project needs and constraints.


A first proof of concept can be provided within a benchmark handled by us. In this case, we typically receive a representative example (e.g. a TargetLink model) from our customers’ project and prepare a corresponding tool demonstration based on the desired workflow.


In case you want to try out our tools for yourself, we are happy to send you an evaluation license free of charge. Within a typical evaluation duration of two month, we provide you an initial training workshop as well as continuous support.